Our conventional projects under our Green Paradise® agricultural program are located in 5 different regions in Turkey. We are growing the following products under this program; aniseed, cumin, fennel, poppy and oregano in large scale. Additionally thyme, rosemary and sage are also cultivated.
Periodically our agricultural engineers visit the projects and provide technical consultancy in every aspect.
Agricultural inputs are kept at minimum to maintain and sustain the health of soil, flora and fauna in the cultivation area.
  • / Unless there are severe nutrient deficiencies, techniques such as crop rotation and compost usage are used to minimize the usage of chemical fertilizers.
  • / All inputs are carefully selected and distributed to farmers by our Agricultural Projects Team (APT) to minimize the adverse effects.
  • / According to our production plan, our agricultural engineers provide necessary amount of seeds and agricultural supplies to the farmers.
  • / As a result of the minimum and proper usage of agricultural inputs, products we source from the Green Paradise® fields are compliant with the European Union Pesticide Limits.

Avoiding contamination is much more effective than cleaning afterwards. Prevention of contamination is the key element in food safety. Knowing origin of the product is the main aspect for Green Paradise®. From sowing to harvest all steps are monitored and actions are taken accordingly.